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Jessie Gold


Jessie GoldJessie GoldMistress Jessie Gold has got her feet really tired after this long day, so she will sure end up shoving them into her slave’s mouth tonight. However, she’s not in much hurry to do so because she feels the boy needs to deserve such a blessing! Watch her train and humiliate him, slap his cock and flog his ass until he’s down under her feet, begging to massage her little toes with his tongue.

Angie Moon


Angie-MoonAngie MoonAngile is sitting in her kitchen and drinking wine. Her slave with rag is on the floor in front of her. She sees how he carelessly gets his job done. He will be punished for this. She throws him on the floor and makes to lick the soles of her shoes and then her divine feet. After that, she is excited and desires her slave to please her pussy with his tongue.

Anna Gold


Anna GoldGorgeous Anna is playing with her slave. She makes him to kiss her delightful feet, and then tramples on his body; she shoves her toes in his mouth, sits on his body, lights up a cigarette and shakes off the ashes into the slave’s mouth. After all that actions she makes him to lick off her pussy and at the same time punishes him with her stack.



LisaLisa is a beautiful girl. She is used for a long time ago having men trying to please her in any way. As time passed she became using them more and more. Her desires are getting more and more dirty and mean. And now she feels great pleasure from humiliating men and enjoying sexual satisfaction from it.



YuliyaWonderful Juliya has a lot of admirers. But one of them just asked for being her slave. He promised to fulfill all her whims. Fool! He has no idea in what he just involved himself. And now he will have to experience on himself how cruel and rude can be the beautiful girls.

Anna Pipe


Anna PipeAnna is a beautiful tall girl. Such women should have slaves serving them. They do all the dirty work and also the bad temper can be vent out on them sometimes. And now Anna is not in the best mood. Her slave will have to endure a lot today.



IrinaStrict Mistress Irina is having fun with her slave. She deeply shoves her beautiful feet into his mouth and makes him choke. It’s pretty fun for her, but a few strokes with a whip will be also good for slave. After the punishment Irina lights a cigarette and uses slave’s mouth as an ashtray.



TamaraTamara is training her home foot slave. She’s in her bedroom after a walk outdoors. The slave is down at her feet waiting for her order. Tamara pulls off her dirty socks and shoves them in slave’s mouth. Then she throws him on the floor and stands on him, she loves to trample slaves, they are so defenseless in this moment.



YuliyaSaying that this charming ravenhead domina is going to train her slave in this shoot is about as much as not saying anything at all – simply because what she’s gonna put him through is a sheer hell of pain and humiliation! Her whip makes him a thousand times more eager as he goes down south on her and then switches on to licking her high black boots – he will have to show all his oral skills to her this time!



KarinaKarina comes home. There is a bad weather outside the window. It’s rain. Karina’s boots are soiled with mud fully. But how cool, that she has her own pet slave. He likes to carry out all of orders by his Mistress. She knows that he won’t only lick her boots from the mud, but he’ll suck round each finger on her legs too. After all, if he dares to disobey, the good flogging will be waiting for him.



LisaToday Lisa toys with her slave. She builds the game by her own rules. This stunning beauty shows to slave his place with good spanking. And sub begins to obey perfectly. He licks the heels of Mistress’s dirty boots meekly. But it doesn’t save him from the all of new kicks. Lisa throws sub on the floor and walks on his exhausted body digging into him with her stillete heels. In the end there is a dessert for the slave – he gets an opportunity to lick naked feet of his Mistress.

Anna Gold


Anna GoldGoddies Anna is sitting at the dining table. Her foot slave is sitting under the table and kissing her feet. Anna takes a piece of sausage and throws it on the floor. She makes the slave to pick up that piece and eat it. The slave looks like a trained dog. He presents to his Mistress a pleasure to watch this show. After she played enough with slave she puts her gorgeous legs on the table and makes the slave to lick her soles.



LeraMistress Lera accepts her slave. She puts on a leash on his neck and throws him on the floor. She gets up with her heel shoes on his body digging his flesh with sharp heels. After that she Then she orders him to lick her shoes. And to make the slave be more obedient she adds whip strokes to him. The slave is happy to be educated by beautiful Valeria.



CharlotteCharlotteCharlotte holds a lesson of her new foot slave. She makes him to lick her shoes, but his work does not suit the mistress and she punishes that disobedient slave with whip. After such lesson, she gives a chance to rectify to her slave. At this time, the slave diligently licks the shoes of his mistress. And after it she allows him to please her bare feet