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Mistress Anna has been searching for her sub high and wide in her mansion. His cage was open and empty, the torture room deserted… She was so angry when she finally found him in the wardrobe, sniffing and licking her shoes. She didn’t show it though – still cold as ice, she ordered the fucker to get down on the floor and accept the roughest trampling treatment imaginable. See his punishment here!


Today this ripped sub will uncover all the countless facets of pain – and Mistress Salma is here to help him with that. Watch her trample him in her high heels making sure she hurts the most sensitive nooks of his body. His nipples, his cock, his scrotum – all that will come exploding in agonizing pain every time her delicate feet land onto his body. I will hurt so bad he will even weep, perhaps!


Mistress Diana’s new slave is a young and innocent boy only planning to explore the pain and pleasure of female domination in full, so she didn’t really plan to come down on him really hard during his little debut but… As you know, plans never work out the way they are supposed to. Watch the little fucker whine and writhe at his Goddess’s feet while getting a really rough treatment from her!


Jet black hair, bright red lipstick, cream-white skin… All this points at the fact that tonight this slave will have to deal with a real alt girl. She’s no crying Goth or a vampire baby pampering her swagger though. She’s a merciless femdom Mistress and she will make him feel it in every word she says, in every time she hits him in his aching balls and in every impatient order to worship her feet.


Lara is back to her spooky dungeon after a morning jogging session, her shoes and socks dirty and smelling of her sour sweat. Perfect for a quickie foot domination training with her filthy worm of a slave! Watch her push the guy down on the soiled cold floor absolutely naked, make him lick the soles of her sneakers and then gag him with her athletic socks so hard he almost chokes on them!


Mistress Stephanie looks absolutely amazing in this tight glossy outfit of hers – just like the dominant beauty this slave has seen in his most terrible nightmares. The rubbery fabric stretches over her curves so seductively but… She’s got her feet and her armpits bare and it means that her boy toy will have a licking project tonight. Watch him clean her tired feet with his tongue in this scene!


Mistress Abby’s high stiletto heels are the most intimidating fetish torture tool for her slave. When he sees her wearing them, he can’t help trembling from fear. Step by step she approaches him and, before he understands what is happening, the hard plastic of her heel sinks in his crotch making him fall down on the floor bawling. And it’s just the beginning – crazy face trampling will follow!


Trampling this slave’s body in high heels is anything but easy for the Mistress – in spite of his studly looks, the guy ends up writhing under her feet like a worm, almost weeping. She is forced to take her shoes off but… That’s when the real fun only begins actually. Now she can squash his cock and even trample his face without damaging him permanently. That’s gonna hurt him bad though.


Even though this scary torture dungeon in far not the cleanest place out there, Mistress Stephanie makes sure she doesn’t get it any dirtier. She really wants to smoke a cig but there’s no ashtray around, so she has to resort to her slave’s services! Watch him crawl towards her on his knees, open his mouth for her and… Swallow the burning ash together with his domme’s spit. Good ashtray boy!


In spite of being so ripped and tough, this young slave will still writhe and squeal from pain under Mistress Jane’s feet. Those sharp spike heels make his chest muscles that used to look rock-hard turn into jelly. This stud is on the verge of breaking into tears like a snotty baby and it makes his Mistress feel so satisfied. Watch her push his limits by also trampling his cock and his face.

Irina and Amanda

There is a little chance the slave will succeed cleaning these feet dirty as the dirt itself. Nevertheless he will try hard for his mistresses as they enjoy tender June sun sitting here on the country side drinking beer after a nice barefoot walk.

Sveta Brusser and Pavlik

Down in the cellar torture room the slave realises that he should noy better fuck with his strict lady ordering him to clean her soles. These feet are incredibly dirty, nevertheless, the guy is gonna have to work with his tongue damn hard remembering of the tough character of his beloved mistress.


This submissive fucker says he is totally addicted to the look and smell and feel of Mistress Lisa’s feet… Okay, let’s check it out – let’s see how he’s going to like it when the girl ties her old shoe to his face like a weird gas mask and makes him sniff it. And that’s still nothing compared to the main treatment that will leave him completely broken in with his cock so sore and almost bruised.


Mature Mistress Selena’s pony boy is acting damn lazy tonight – sitting on his back, she feels like she is moving at the speed of one inch a minute, so… It’s time to dismount him and walk on foot. Needless to say, this walking will put the guy through a sheer hell of pain and humiliation as his Mistress will be walking all over his body, hurting him with her bare feet and with her stiletto heels.