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Irina and Amanda


There is a little chance the slave will succeed cleaning these feet dirty as the dirt itself. Nevertheless he will try hard for his mistresses as they enjoy tender June sun sitting here on the country side drinking beer after a nice barefoot walk.



Hell yeah! Amanda-The-Queen generously invites you to clean her disgusting dirty feet covered with street mud with your oun tongue. She wants you to feel the taste of all that shit in your mouth and swallow it leaving her cute toes clean and pretty and she leaves you no chance to avoid this procedure.



Mistress Amanda has got a huge collection of shoes – all kinds of shoes that fit her sexy little feet so fine. The hottest part is that every pair is a real object of worship for Amanda’s slave – a young and submissive foot fetishist whom she keeps in her place just for fun. It feels so good to have someone licking on your tired heels and cleaning your dusted shoes after a hard working day, you know.