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Anna Pipe

Anna PipeMistress Anna came back home. Her slave is waiting for her. She makes him to lick off her boots’ soles. And then she throws a slave on floor and stands on him. Sharp heels of Mistress’s boots dig poor slave’s body, but he must to stand it out, otherwise he will be severely punished. There is a whip in Anna’s hands and she constantly uses it to make the slave more obedient. When she played enough with the slave, she orders to him to pull off her boots and orders him to clean her feet soles.

Anna Gold and Anna Pipe

Gray sticky mud covers the slave’s face inch by inch as he licks Anna’s dirty feet sitting in the bath. Looks like the feet are already almost clean, one more minute of hard work and he will be done with it. Not so soon. On the other side of the bath Mara is waiting for her turn to put feet into his mouth. Her feet are even more dirty and it’s gonna take plenty of time to clean them up with his sneaky tongue.

Anna Gold and Anna Pipe

Signing up a contract giving all his posessions and earnings to his new mistresses this guy actually makes himself property of Anna and Mara. No doubt about the ladies will take advantage of his dependence. They get him naked and throw on the floor to make the guy feel his new position immidiately. And he’s gotta be damn good tonight to earn his first handjob.

Anna Gold and Anna Pipe

Excieting gallery by Anna Gold and Anna Pipe accepting a new worshiper to be their slave. The guy agreed to sign a contract that will make him their property forever and he will be given a honour of serving these goddesses for such a brave act. This is gonna be his first day and if the new slave will be good enough tonight mistresses will even please him with a priceless handjob.