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I was squatted down on the floor, naked, leashed and unbearably ashamed. She was sitting in front of me – the true embodiment of heavenly beauty that I could only dream of before. My dream cam true – she owned me! Her shapely feet, still tired after a long day, were right in front of my face, so I did what I had to do making a satisfied smile appear on my mistress’s face… Her toes tasted so good

Mia and Lilu


The dirty floor in this sinister building gives the two mistresses a great idea on how to train their slave – seeing that the guy is submissive enough to fulfill any of their orders, they get their bare feet covered in the cement dust and push them right in his face making him lick all that foul-smelling dirt off their toes. Yeah, it might make him shit bricks, literally – but no one gives a fuck!

Mia and Lilu


Why get a puppy if there is such a great slave at your disposal? He will lick your feet (both bare and in shoes) and even wag his tail when you feed him anything – even an old piece of bread squashed under your soles will do. Besides, he can do a thing no doggie will ever agree to take – feel free to use this motherfucker’s mouth as an ashtray! Great pet, eh? Don’t forget to train him hard though!

Mia and Lilu


Now that it’s spring, the streets of the city are so damn dirty… It’s good that these two young mistresses keep a humble shoeshiner leashed in their place – the shoeshiner who never refuses to clean their boots with his tongue. Of course, this is not the only kind of services that this worm provides to his dominas – they are also free to use his nude body as a door mat whenever they please.