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Rita and Yasha


A blonde and a brunette have hell of fun spitting on the dirty floor to get their feet ready for their slave awaiting orders in the corner of the living-room. Done with it, the ladies let the servant show his skills cleaning these muddy feet with his tongue, cheeks, nose or anything else until the feet come as fresh and cute as they should be.

Rita and Yulya Dancer


Damn! These dom ladies come more and more inventive and cruel finding new tortures for their slaves. This time the girls have bound the slave to a chair sitting straight and torment him with their cute feet, hurting his face with sharp high heels and tearing his mouth with their toes.

Rita and Irina


Too dusty! Too lazy! Too disgusting dirty bastard tricking with godlike dom ladies! The freak will get what he deserves as he is just all ways too bad for these mistresses. The ladies will make him familiar with their high heels and their brutal natures feeding their hunger for humiliation and distruction.

Rita and Yulya Dancer


Feeling no mercy Rita and Youlya reveal true cruelty hidden in the purple souls inside their smooth bodies. Obviously, these ladies get supreme pleasure causing pain and humiliation. Inventive and creative, girls torture poor guy with thick ropes and sharp heels giving him a lesson the boy will never forget!