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YuliyaWonderful Juliya has a lot of admirers. But one of them just asked for being her slave. He promised to fulfill all her whims. Fool! He has no idea in what he just involved himself. And now he will have to experience on himself how cruel and rude can be the beautiful girls.



YuliyaSaying that this charming ravenhead domina is going to train her slave in this shoot is about as much as not saying anything at all – simply because what she’s gonna put him through is a sheer hell of pain and humiliation! Her whip makes him a thousand times more eager as he goes down south on her and then switches on to licking her high black boots – he will have to show all his oral skills to her this time!



YouliyaMistress Youliya is training her slave. The first thing that he has to do is to greet his mistress by standing on his knees and kissing mistress’s feet. And after that he needs to lick off the soles of her shoes. Julia sits on slave’s face and controls his every breath take with her pussy. Then she tramples the slave with her feet and makes him to lick her feet at the end.

Lisa and Yuliya


After a long walk on the cold streets of November St. Pete Katya and Yuliya are in need of a warm welcome. There’s noone else but a slave waiting them back home so he can only count on himself melting his beautiful ladies. Starting to lick their shoes right at the door he is gonna lend them his mouth for an ashtray and be a warm carpet for their cold feet.



He came to find a job. She might be his boss in future. He is challenged to impress her. However, he didn’t expect it would be such a challenge. He started with cleaning her shoes with his tongue. He have to prove he is strong enough to stand some trampling him lying on the floor. He have to prove he knows how to worship her feet.He needs this job and he will do everything to please her.



Lady boss is forcing her potential employee to put his dick out to play with her sexy feet. Afterwards, having her shoes on and put the employee on the floor, she starts to trample him. While making him licking her shoes she tramples his face and his dick.