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VikaVikaBeautiful Mistress Vika is having great pleasure from training her foot slave. In first she makes him to lick and clean up the soles of her shoes, then she enjoys a good time from trampling her slave, and after all she orders to him to cleanup her beautiful feet.


KarinaKarina comes home. There is a bad weather outside the window. It’s rain. Karina’s boots are soiled with mud fully. But how cool, that she has her own pet slave. He likes to carry out all of orders by his Mistress. She knows that he won’t only lick her boots from the mud, but he’ll suck round each finger on her legs too. After all, if he dares to disobey, the good flogging will be waiting for him.


LeraLera continues to engage in training of her pet slave. She likes to see a lot of men on their knees around her. And now her slave is standing on his knees and bowing his head low. A few good punches are reflected on his back. And he begs for mercy with hot kisses of Mistress’s feet. But it’s not enough for Lera, she stands on her sub and tramples him with her high heels. The slave’s body is in scratches, he yells like mad, but it’s just whet Lera. She plugs his mouth with her feet.


LisaToday Lisa plays with her slave. She builds the game by her own rules. This stunning beauty shows to slave his place with good spanking. And sub begins to obey perfectly. He licks the heels of Mistress’s dirty boots meekly. But it doesn’t save him from the all of new kicks. Lisa throws sub on the floor and walks on his exhausted body digging into him with her stillete heels. In the end there is a dessert for the slave – he gets an opportunity to lick naked feet of his Mistress.


LeraLera is dressed in beautiful lingerie, she is drinking her morning coffee with a cigarette. Her slave kisses her feet. Lera exhales puffing away in the face of her slave. She shakes off the ashes in his mouth. She takes off her stockings, stuffing a one stocking in her slave’s mouth and the other puts on his head . She sits down on his back and ride around the room. She likes this insignificant slave. Then the sub caresses with his tongue Mistress’s feet.


MayaMayaMaya is sitting on the table and working on a computer. She decided to do a break in her work for playing with her homely slave. He is next to his Mistress as usual. She passed the stack by his muscular body, holding the head of the slave between her legs. Then she tramples on his back like a mat without no removing her shoes with high heels. In the end, she facesits him and he caresses her with his tongue afraid to get another punishments.


YuliaToday this slave is in front of Mistress, because he deserves a good punishment. Mistress knows how to train her slaves. She brings him to his knees compelling him to lick her high heeled boots. Then a good spanking by the naked ass of the slave is started. The slave is willingly obeying orders after spanking and have already meekly licked with his tongue sweet soles of Mistress’s boots. Mistress likes this unquestioning obedience. After that she is riding on the slave’s back like a pony in the apartment. In the end, the slave is allowed to touch by his tongue the naked feet of his Goddess.

Mistress Love

Mistress LoveMistress LoveMisstres Love is bored. Fortunately, her faithful slave is always at her feet, so she can at least ride him like a pony to entertain herself. Plus, she can’t help but notice his huge bulging balls literally begging for some tugging and spanking. Watch her play with his sack until it gets all red – only after that will she allow him to lick her delicate feet.


DianaDianaMistress Diana’s slave is always there to take care of her needs. Just look at him – he’s lit up a hookah for his domme and is sitting at her feet, licking the soles of her shoes obediently while she is enjoying a smoke. She orders him to switch on to licking her bare feet and he gladly obliges. She knows that it gets him horny, so she takes the time to play around with his boner, stroking it with her feet, on and on until he explodes all over her toes. Needless to say, she will make him lick his own semen up when the playtime is over.


MayaMayaThis young submissive freak is ready to lick the dirt that his adorable mistress steps into – it’s no wonder why he gets so happy when the bossy bitch allows him to taste her new red shoes on stiletto heels! Still, this is just a prelude before real action – in this hot foot worshipping scene you will see the boy getting trampled, humiliated and finally allowed to clean domina’s feet with his tongue!

Cruel sisters

Cruel sistersCruel SistersThe agreement that the cruel sisters and their slaves are about to sign implies that from now on, the two filthy worms are their dommes’ property. What if they dare to break the agreement? Well, then their home video will go online immediately and the whole world will know that these two seemingly normal guys are nothing but dirty floor rags spreading out under girl’s feet. So, the agreement is signed and sealed… Welcome to slavery, assholes!


AinaAinaMistress Aina’s personal slave is down on his knees with his hands tied behind his back with thick leather straps, waiting for his domme to come. He’s so helpless and she, in her turn, is so beautiful. The first thing on his to-do list tonight is cleaning the dirty soles of her shoes with his tongue and he gets down to business in a hurry, hoping that this time he will do everything right and won’t be punished like a dirty misbehaving dog. Unfortunately, he is wrong – he’s too slow and it means that Mistress Aina will give him a long painful trampling treatment before he’s allowed to touch her heavenly bare feet with his tongue again.


NoraNoraGorgeous Mistress Nora is seated on a chair, her faithful slave kneeling at her feet obediently. Just a word from her is enough to make him rush towards her, kiss her hands, lick her red boots on stiletto heels… But is he working hard enough? Clearly he’s not and the Mistress can see it. A quick whipping follows making him double the effort as his tongue keeps sliding all over the domme’s boots and then gorgeous bare feet. Good puppy!

Cruel sisters

Cruel sistersCruel SistersThis time the humble slaves are getting a double portion of pain and humiliation. But hey, if they take the training well, they will be rewarded with a double portion of pleasure too. See, tonight they turn into the property of two Mistresses – two gorgeous twins, known as The Cruel Sisters. These young, beautiful and very strict ladies have always dreamt of being served and tonight their dream is coming true. Get ready for lots of shockingly painful spanking and trampling in stiletto heels!