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YouliyaMistress Youliya is training her slave. The first thing that he has to do is to greet his mistress by standing on his knees and kissing mistress’s feet. And after that he needs to lick off the soles of her shoes. Julia sits on slave’s face and controls his every breath take with her pussy. Then she tramples the slave with her feet and makes him to lick her feet at the end.



AnabellaAnabellaAnabella accepts a newbie slave. She has to teach him to properly respect and serve to his Mistress. She strengthens her lesson with hard hits on naked back of the slave. He does his best to please and satisfy his Mistress. She throws him on the floor and steps on him. She tramples with her feet on his body and orders him to kiss his feet. When she gets bored from trampling the slave, she orders him to clean up her feet by licking it off.

Mistress Gabriella


Mistress GabriellaMistress GabriellaMistress Gabriella carries out a foot slave training today. Her slave is down on his knees, and he well knows what his Mistress wants from him. Mistress orders him to bring her shoes for trying on how it fits. She puts on her shoes, and her slave is carefully licking off the soles of her shoes. After that, Mistress gets on slave’s face and shoves her beautiful feet in his mouth. The slave adoringly licks off every inch of mistress’s beautiful feet.

Angie Moon


Angie MoonAngie MoonA slave is standing on his knees, in submission pose. His gorgeous Mistress Angie is slowly coming down the stairs. The slave knows that now they are going to be engaged with his training. Slaps in his face, spitting into his mouth, hits with a whip, everything this, Mistress does with great pleasure. And in same time he was ordered to lick Mistress’s shoes and feet. But it is not enough for her, she begins to stomp her little slave with heels.

Anna Gold


Anna GoldGoddies Anna is sitting at the dining table. Her foot slave is sitting under the table and kissing her feet. Anna takes a piece of sausage and throws it on the floor. She makes the slave to pick up that piece and eat it. The slave looks like a trained dog. He presents to his Mistress a pleasure to watch this show. After she played enough with slave she puts her gorgeous legs on the table and makes the slave to lick her soles.

Anna Pipe


Anna PipeMistress Anna came back home. Her slave is waiting for her. She makes him to lick off her boots’ soles. And then she throws a slave on floor and stands on him. Sharp heels of Mistress’s boots dig poor slave’s body, but he must to stand it out, otherwise he will be severely punished. There is a whip in Anna’s hands and she constantly uses it to make the slave more obedient. When she played enough with the slave, she orders to him to pull off her boots and orders him to clean her feet soles.



AlexisAlexisMistress Alexis keeps her wild experiments on her slave. Now she wants to test the strength of the penis and balls of her slave. To do this she ties up his dick with her stocking and begins slapping his balls and slaps harder with each slap. The slave is hurt and he’s barely handling all this. Finally he could not stand it any longer and got punished for his impatience. Now slave must to lick off Mistress’s shoes and feet.



MayaMayaMistress Maya is engaged with her beloved slave. She always wants to feel the edge of his patience, so today she is going to trample on his muscled body in high heel shoes. Slave’s hands are cuffed and he is completely helpless at front of his Mistress. She beats him with whip, spits on his face and throws him on the floor. Beautiful Mistress steps up on his body with heels and starts stomping him until the slave begs her for mercy. And only then Mistress orders to gratify her with tongue and that actually saved the slave…

Mistress Gabriella


Mistress GabriellaMistress GabriellaMistress Gabriella is dressing up to go to the party. There are 2 slaves in her bedroom that are ready to execute any order of their mistress. Mistress orders to show her a few pairs of shoes, she tries on shoes to her dress. And the slaves are given instructions to thoroughly clean up mistress’s shoes with tongues.



AlexisAlexisMistress Alexis is getting on educating another slave. She comes close to him, holds his face in her hands and spits into his open mouth. After that she orders him to kiss her feet with reverence. But the slave does everything wrong, not as the Mistress like. So she decides to treat her slave whip. And then tramples him with her sharp heels and uses his mouth as an ashtray. And now the slave pleads her for mercy and she gives him one last chance. Mistress makes him to take off her stockings and to kissing her divine feet.

Anna Gold


Anna GoldGorgeous Anna is playing with her slave. She makes him to kiss her delightful feet, and then tramples on his body; she shoves her toes in his mouth, sits on his body, lights up a cigarette and shakes off the ashes into the slave’s mouth. After all that actions she makes him to lick off her pussy and at the same time punishes him with her stack.



TamaraMistress Tamara is engaged with training her house slave at home. She has completely turned him into a pet, she undressed him, buckled a collar with leash on his neck. And he crawls behind her all over the house in such appearance. She takes off her white socks and fully shoves them into his mouth. Now he has a gag in his mouth made of her dirty socks. She throws him to the floor and begins to trample on him. And after that he cleans up her feet with his tongue.



CassidyCassidyToday, Mistress Cassidy is engaged with naughty foot slave training. She is turning him into an animal by buckling a collar on his neck, and then orders him to lick off her shoes. She does not like how her slave performs her order and gives him few good hits with whip. After that, the slave starts to moves his tongue a lot harder. He licked off the soles of her shoes and cleaned up her high heels with tongue. After all the Mistress orders to take off her shoes and lick the soles of her bare foot.



MayaMayaMaya continues to except one of her permanent slaves. The slave adoringly licks off his Mistress’s boots and ass with pussy. Maya cuffs slave’s hands behind his back, so he is disabled to move and completely under her control. She scoffs on him and sits on his face. Maya likes to sit on faces of her slaves. She won’t calm down until she gets her orgasm.